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Gastronomic campaigns

Gastronomic days

Llagostera organises four gastronomic days throughout the year to promote the local and seasonal products through a variety of menus offered at the restaurants of its Restaurant Association.

Manaies Cuisine. Drawing inspiration from antique Roman cuisine.

Held during Easter week, it is a review from the most traditional to the most daring dishes, inspired in Roman Cuisine. The campaign is set within the Holy Week activities and the Roman Market, held yearly on Palm Sunday.

Festivity Cuisine.

During the town’s yearly Festa Major celebration, the restaurants of Llagostera offer menus with the most typical and traditional Catalan cuisine dishes.

Threshing Time Cuisine.

At the end of July, within the activities of the traditional Threshing Fair, the restaurants of Llagostera offer fresh summer dishes elaborated with produce from the fields and orchards.

Mushroom Cuisine.

The Mushroom Festival (held on the 12th of October every year) marks the beginning of the Mushroom Gastronomic Days where mushrooms are the main ingredients of the menus. Llagostera has an old mushroom gathering tradition, rooted for centuries thanks to the fruitful forests of Les Gavarres and L’Ardenya where the appreciated and prized Caesar’s Mushroom, and the savoury Red Pine Mushroom and Lactarius Sanguifluus come from.

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