Llagostera and its surroundings are perfect to hike and go on excursions on foot or on a bike.

Its large extension allows choosing from many different routes. Some of them, for example those of the Vall del Ridaura, are marked.

Excursions on foot or bicycle

Long and short distance footpaths

The long distance footpaths are mountain trails suitable for any walker. They are clean and marked narrow paths. The signals are easy to read and help to follow the path. There are red and white or yellow and white strips painted on stones, trees, electric poles, etc. There are two types of paths: Long distance footpaths (GR), covering more than 50 km and marked with red and white stripes, and short distance footpaths (PR), covering less than 50 km and marked with yellow and white stripes. These paths do not go through villages but lead, every 20 or 25 km, to places where lodging can be found. Hiking is a perfect way to discover nature.

Two paths run through Llagostera, a short distance path and a long distance path, the GR-92 Mediterranean. The short distance path (PR) goes from the mountain pass of Puig Montclar to Can Companyó, crossing the town following the old train tracks. The long distance path (GR-92) goes from Romanyà to Panedes and from Can Cabanyes de Montagut to Puig de les Cadiretes.

It is important for the hikers to evaluate the incidences that can appear on the path, such as the time of year, the distance to walk per day, where to sleep, water sources, etc. This information can be found in the Topo-guides. There is a Topo-guide for each path.

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