Llagostera, between nature and history

Llagostera, between nature and history

Welcome to Llagostera, the gateway to Costa Brava! Llagostera is a municipality of more than 8,000 inhabitants, located 20 km away from Girona and just 15 minutes away from the best beaches of Costa Brava. 

The municipality offers the visitor the tranquillity and beauty of a natural environment between the protected areas of the Gavarres and the Cadiretes Massifs. Besides touring our landscape -on foot, bicycle or horseback- our visitors can wander through the town and enjoy its diverse touristic attractions. There are many buildings of historical and architectural interest, notable among these are the splendid eighteenth century bell tower of the church of Sant Feliu, the medieval remains of the three towers of the old feudal castle, and part of its defensive wall. 

Llagostera offers the visitor the tranquillity and beauty of a natural environment among the protected areas of the Gavarres and Cadiretes Massifs.

There’s evidence of human presence in the area of the municipality as early as the Palaeolithic Period. In 1375, the medieval Llagostera -the old city within its defensive wall- became a Barony. The establishment in the eighteenth century of a prosperous cork industry, which was the centre of the economy for many years, marked the sustained growth of Llagostera to become a town with a population of more than 8,000.

The Plaça del Castell square hosts since 1982 a monument in remembrance of the Royal Privilege granted to the villages of Llagostera and Caldes de Malavella in 1241, at a time when both towns stood under the same royal mayoralty. The privilege exempted both villages from certain feudal taxes and King Charles IV ratified it again in 1793. The church of Sant Feliu dates from the ninth century. The visible rests of the original temple are scarce and there are no remains left of the altar dedicated to Sant Julià in the fifteenth century. Its main baroque altarpiece was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The temple has a baroque façade and a Gothic nave with adjoining chapels. The chapel of the Sacred Heart, by Pere Falcó i Golondrina, dates from the fifties.

The church interior has been recently cleaned and restored. The neighbourhood of Reramur is a perfect example of the medieval city layout within the wall that marked the limits of the village around the castle and the church.

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