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Llagostera is located on the southern part of the Gironès County. It is the largest municipality in the county with an extension of 76 square kilometres. It borders with Santa Cristina d’Aro, Caldes de Malavella, Tossa de Mar and Cassà de la Selva.

Llagostera lies to the east within the forests of the Gavarres Massif (catalogued in the Plan of Sites of Natural Interest) and to the north and northeast within a cultivated plain. Opposite to it, to the south, l’Ardenya range occupies a large part of the municipality. Llagostera has a number of neighbourhoods, such as Panedes and Sant Llorenç with their own parish church, Bruguera, Gaià, Ganix, Cantallops, Creu de Serra, Pocafarina and Llobatera. Llagostera includes the urban settlements of La Canyera, La Mata, Mont-Rei, Llagostera Residencial, Selva Brava and Font Bona.

Its strategic position has made of Llagostera a crossroads, connecting the interior land to Costa Brava. The roads that connect Llagostera are C-65, from Girona to Sant Feliu, GE-674 from Caldes de Malavella, or C-35 from Tossa and Vidreres, which connects with the motorway AP-7.

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